Influenster For the Count

How many times have an ad come across the screen saying apply for a chance to get a free item from a company? Personally, it’s seen a lot, though there are some websites that send complimentary items by just providing basic information about yourself. That process is not always a guaranteed and will soon start to show some flaws. What if instead of going through the ongoing headache of answering endless survey questions, there was a company that only required social media information and feedback on products tested. There is not a definite to receiving anything after signing up. The creators of this company give a tutorial on how to navigate through the app after signing up along with offering products in every category. The Influenster app and website are identical, the only obvious difference in the two is the view format.

Badges: To obtain a badge, one must participate. Contests are held monthly. Even if it’s not possible to participate in the contest by interacting with the community. However, by unlocking contest badges gives a better chance to receiving a voxbox.

Compact Score: The score is a vital part in getting into drawings. Even a person with a low compact score can still have a chance of receiving a box of goodies. The calculation of the score is explained on the website. Here is a quick break down. After signing up, getting your profile together will be necessary. There is a list of social media platforms that they allow linking. Followers are than compacted together to get the overall score. As the following base for the accounts held decreases or increases so will the compact score.

Contest: Everyone is notified about the contest that is held. Not all contest is on the website or app; Twitter parties (find out more by going to are also held for a bigger chance to find out about products.

VoxBox: Influenster has two types of boxes they send. Monthly voxbox which consist of random drawing from the community. Mega voxbox which are typically given to those who complete badges and top commenters during Twitter parties.


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Written by Dasia