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If I am alone at home in the morning, I love checking FB and Instagram while drinking my morning coffee, and often it looks that some people just must to show others what they have, how good they live, but all those “perfect” selfies so often force me to laugh. How poor are those people that must count things and show others right in the morning to feel happy? May they live good and wealthy, or may just pretend, but I always think they better get out of comfort zone to feed their soul by challenges, not by FB or Instagram.

I once met a traveler who went to Australia to China and later traveled around the world for 15 years working from an English teacher to an actor at Chaki Chan film. Later he met his wife and settled down in Holland. They had two great daughters, and when the little one was 9, he started traveling again. He began for 2 weeks a year later, extending to 4 weeks. His wife understands him and agrees to stay alone with children.

When I listened to him, I thought that this man had found a good balance between commitments and internal needs. He had not graduated from any high studies, therefore considered himself “not so intelligent”. But when I listened to his stories, attitudes, and perceptions, little of my known 50-year-old people would equate him.

Maybe this story is not for everyone or may inspire someone to do something more valuable for yourself than just to “create with filters help” new “perfect” photo for Instagram.

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  1. I have got a gauge to shoot selfies and I had a go, but don’t share it on the social media except once here.
    Guess it was a learning curve.
    But then, I got a library about a woman with 100 faces and thought I would have a go at it. I think it would take a long time to make yourself into 100 faces and then you would use up a lot of make up.