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N.H.J – Protective Hairstyles

Loving your hair is no different than loving yourself. In a way, hair is an extension of who you are as a person. People...

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N.H.J – Blow Dryers. Friends or Foe?

Going through this journey there’s been an urge to use less heat, partially due to too much heat is known to damage hair. At...

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Building and Balancing Credit

Just now getting started on your credit score? Don't worry, here's a guide to what to know before getting started. After reading a few...

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Adulting in the Workforce

Adulting is a real pain at times - it is like being on a menstrual cycle that will not stop. Having to find a...

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N.H.J – Wigs

Let’s just start off with I am not a licensed hairstylist; just your average Jane Doe sharing her experience. Due to an unexpected haircut I...

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