I’m Back Sort Of

I have been away for a week because I just needed the time to myself, with all that the end of August brings, especially the 29th of August that would have been Nonna’s Birthday, and though she has been gone since November 2003 it still is a day we like to remember her.

Little Miss is in third grade now, so I am once again on homework duty, and in the next couple of weeks Little Miss will be taking her kitten Colby home, and Midnight will be going to his new home and we are going to have Garfield until my Sis can make the trip from Washington State.

Below is a pic of Little Miss and Bella (the kitten I am keeping).

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  1. I just love this post; it is practically shouting to you, saying, relax dear friend, kick up your feet and sip a cuppa! And, of course, it hurts, your Nonna was special to you. I never understood the title of a book I once read called: The Sweet Joy Of Pain.” until I read it. If you can relate to the saying:”Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” You will understand where I am coming from. Warm regards.

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