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I Feel You With Me

Poetry to me is a very personal thing, and this one is especially so. We all have our scars, this poem comes from a place when I was learning to deal with mine.

I feel you with me

In words and in memories

In the spirit of the moments that Define our lives

And the moments

That perhaps in human eyes

Feel mundane.

I feel you with me

In the moments

When weakness takes Over my body

And its all I can do To lift my head.

I feel you with me In those moments of loss

And memory

You are the laughter in the funny memories

And the tears in those open and honest moments

When bottled up secrets became unbottled

And tears are released

The wall we built around ourselves

Begins to break

And I feel you with Me.

Copyright Michelle R Kidwell

May. 17.09

1: 33 A.M PST


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