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Happy or Grumpy: Which is it?

Carol DM wrote her 3 quote challenge about happiness, and they were all great. Pondering each message made me want to post this poem. Here is the link to her 3 quotes. I promise they will leave you feeling better about life.

My happiness Lies within me

I must look to really see

The vision that is speaking to me

About daily living

We must stay in tuned

With the stillness of our thoughts

And learn of it true beauty

For happiness lies in-between

our each and every breath


The photo for this post represents to me how we can look at life and stay happy. We can choose to be happy or not.

Happiness tends to be hard to hold onto. Our lives tend to make us unhappy, and then where is happiness? Did it leave us forever? That is when bravery needs to breathe within us. Courage brings forth inner happiness, and then outer happiness can shine through. The beauty of happiness is as close to our hearts as we can imagine. It will react to our command, and keep our every breath a vision of happiness. Remember this when life becomes unfair and tries to capture our happiness. It is up to us to keep happiness alive.


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. You are too kind LaJenna. Thank you for the mention. As I always say, I write what I feel from my broken heart. It seems the more you go through the more emotions can be written. I love the challenge, it has really inspired me to share more with others. Hopefully I can help just one person.


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