Guard your counsel


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A critical factor in imparting wisdom is to be mindful of who you are giving your advice to.  Those who are receptive towards your counsel will take what you say into full consideration.  As a result, that imparted wisdom will then be able to positively affect the lives of those who choose to willingly listen to your advice.

You should never give your counsel to anyone who is considered to be a foolish person because a foolish person will normally tend to do whatever he or she wants to even when you give that particular person some sound words to help him or her out of an unfortunate circumstance.  You can still help out the person in times of need, but do not allow for your wise counsel to be wasted.  Do not permit for your advice to fall upon recalcitrant ears.  As a personal example, I post this on Virily because those who read the various posts here on the site are focusing upon discovering new facets within the realms of knowledge.

Here is an example of what a foolish person does.  Let’s say that a foolish person is seeking counsel from you in regards to saving money.  You then give the person some basic tips about saving, such as making a budget and setting apart a few dollars each week so that the savings account grows gradually.



Instead of taking that sound advice and acting upon it so that his or her banking account increases over the next few months, a foolish person will then seek another person’s counsel for an easier route because a foolish person is always looking for shortcuts.  The foolish person will continue to seek advice until he or she hears the advice he or she wants to hear.

Giving advice to a foolish person could eventually lead to self-doubt because thoughts like, “Why did that person choose not to listen to my advice?  Is something wrong with me?”  Those simple questions could lead one down a road of depression and low self-esteem.  However, realize that the problem is not with you; the problem is with the foolish person because a foolish person hates words of wisdom that comes out of the mouth of anyone.

Guard your counsel.  Do not allow for anyone to trample upon your heart by preventing yourself from giving advice to people that will reject what you will tell them anyway.  Save yourself from future pity parties by imparting wisdom to those you clearly know that will act upon your advice.



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