Results of Underthrow

Years ago, Muammar Gaddafi stated he was preventing migrants from crossing the Mediterranean sea by giving them a life in Libya.

Although hated by the West and their lackeys, from 1969 to 1973, Libya used the money received from the sale of oil to fund social welfare programs;  house-building, health care and education.

In 1978, Libya had 50% more hospitals than it had in 1968, and the number of doctors went from 700 to over 3000. Malaria was eradicated, tuberculosis reduced.

Education increased with adult literacy programs and free university education. The public sector increased, providing employment for thousands.

And because of the jobs, the higher standard of living, migrants did not cross the Mediterranean sea.

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The United States and England, through their secret services, created the ‘Mermaid Dawn’ mission which was to underthrow Gaddafi. This was the typical use of local people to fight against their own government.

Eventually, Gaddafi was killed, Libya fell apart, and millions of migrants started pushing into Europe.

Today, Europe is paying for overthrowing Gaddafi.

It is the same price for chasing the Soviets out of Afghanistan,  for overthrowing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, yet they continue the attempts to under throw Assad in Syria.

The problem with ‘Intelligence’ services is that they are not very intelligent. They seem to know less about foreign affairs than a High School student.

These so called ‘Intelligence Agencies’  know nothing about the culture of the nation they are going to interfere with.  They are incapable of foreseeing obvious consequences.  They seem to believe that if a leader is overthrown, everything will work out.

The West seems to blunder into situations in which after the blood is wiped up, and the bodies buried, they leave, then seem astounded by the chaos.


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  1. Nice and very educative and informative piece, Jaylar.
    The line that summoned it for me here is, “The problem with ‘Intelligence’ services is that they are not very intelligent. They seem to know less about foreign affairs than a High School student.”
    The anarchy caused by these secret intelligence agencies around the world is what people of evil intent rely on to push their cause like terrorism and every form of anarchism.

    • People as stupid as Trump, who don’t understand the ramifications will advocate policies which make no sense. Egypt was the best example. A ‘protest to protest’ which led to Mubarak stepping down, the only organised party, the Muslim Brotherhood winning the election, bringing in policies no one wanted.

      So Egypt is back to the Military dicatatorship, losing millions of dollars of revenue if the West hadn’t created the ‘Arab Spring’.

      Libya will be another Somaliland for decades.

        • If the uprising was legitimate, there would be a ‘government in waiting’. Think of South Africa, think of Cuba. Where there is no government in waiting, and it is a protest to protest, you can bet the CIA or SAS are involved and the overthrow was choreographed.

          This leads to chaos.

          • I’m not doubting the involvement of the West in it, but I’m saying whatever it is worth the people should not always betray themselves because of selfish interest because that is only how an external enemy gain entrance into the house, through an internal one.

      • i watched a video about the rise and fall of kaddaffi. he was exposing the zionists, and he wanted to do his own thing for his country, and the zionists killed him off. go do your research…it is all the same thing…these leaders all work together for their country, until they want to go on their own or do something against the zionist agenda, and they are killed off. go do your research. there are always people against their govt. that is nothing new.

        • It is not about Zionist movement here. The Zionist Conspiracy theorists have over the decades made every attempt to paint Zionism evil but history is there to exonerate them. I am not saying that Zionism have been all perfect, far from it, but attaching Zionism to everything bad in the Middle East especially or Maghreb Africa (Islamic North Africa), as is the case here, is becoming tiresome.

          • zionism is neonazi. it is the same thing. look up the definition for zionism. i just posted another video in which i religious jewish rabbi explains the difference between zionism and judaism, which are very opposite. go do your research. you dont know anything.

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