Good Old Times

The estate is finally wrapping up and loose ends are getting tied. Everything will be given to the rightful owners and everyone should be happy. Some family members were upset because it seemed as though I was getting more than they were. The reality is, I paid for the house. She never put it in my name and I never got proof that I paid her for the house.  I walked away from the situation, thinking that I should have gotten something in writing before giving her the money!

So, I get my house! I also get my brother. It’s not legally binding, meaning that I am not legally obligated to him at all, but I love him and want his happiness and health as always. He’s not that old, but his health had gone down since mother passed away. I think it’s been too difficult for him these past nine months to deal with. I can relate.

This is the puppy I had to give away in order to live in this house. She was so pretty, but I’m glad that I was not overly attached to her having to give her away. That floor will go soon! I plan on saving up money to totally renovate the entire kitchen!

For some reason unknown, I do have a photo of the outside of the house. It’s an older house with plenty of charm and potential!  I am not selling it, I plan to stay there when I am old! Red brick is all around the house, not just a facing of bricks they put onto newer houses.  It is very small, but it really well built.

Another photo of my little puppy! We were having a reading contest and playing around being silly with the puppies. I wish that I could have kept her, but looking back, I could not really have afforded her for much longer.

One photo of the front!  I love the porch! I want to have big hanging swings on the front porch! Sit on the porch during mild weather and just watch the world go by like they did in the old days. We could have family gatherings here.  We can do whatever we want now!

So, with the future opening up for us finally I think things are only going to get better and better from here on out. There are still lots of things to take care, but this is not one of them!


What do you think?


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