What gets you motivated in life?

Think about what the image you see here says to your brain, read it in like 5 10 mins& see what it says to you again & if you KEEP reading this or if you KEEP this in yourthoughts through out the day, guess what it’s GOING to sink in at one time in life.

Hello My Friends glad to see you here I have a message to share with all of you that have no motivation in your life, We all have had hard times not so good times and even some really TOUGH times that has thrown us backwards & we don’t motivate. Well my friends I hope after you get done reading this you WILL get that motion in gear once again in your life where you can’t HELP but to be motivated again we all know how life can throw us curve balls & set us back & kick our backsides. I have been there MORE than I care to mention & yes at one time it kick me so hard I just didn’t have the get up & go in me like I use to have, as a matter of fact it kick me so hard that I stayed in LIMBO for (10 yrs) YES you heard that right.


But Guess what? I got my groove back again & you want to know HOW I done it? well I thought about what PUT me there in the 1st place & after that I thought it’s time to kick THIS in the butt & get out of this FUNK I’m in & MOVE ON. ?

Yes that’s right we all get into a funk that drags us down & puts in a robot mind as in just going through the motions better known as a RUT, everyone has been there at 1 time or another & when you THINK about it you never get anywhere.

So what did I do to get my self out of this funk I was in? I got MOTIVATED & did something I haven’t done in a while I got back into my crafts & started looking for things I use to enjoy doing like fishing & walking & getting out of the house Did you know that a 100- million PEOPLE ARE ON A SELF DESTRUCT MODE?why? how? you ask, well my friend it’s VERY simple & most don’t know it ❓ & that’s cause their in that FUNK mode they have no motivation, no will mode.

It’s all in their heads, NOW hold up before you start bashing me on this o.k?think about it, they weren’t born that way, I just can’t believe that, would you?cause as a baby what would set your mind to be that way there Is none. ?

UNLESS there’s like a chemical imbalance in the brain somewhere which COULD be, BUT don’t think that couldn’t be fixed (IF) they would think more about how to get past it & have a more productive life style. ?

So with THAT all said here’s something to think about & put into thought as you go through your day starting TODAY & try to put this into action& see HOW much you can make a successes in changing your lifestyle.

Thank you for stopping by I hope this gave you something to work on &get’s you out of the funk you MIGHT be in & get yourself motivated in life.

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  1. Great post and topic! It’s just in line with some other thinking challenges for some of my friends, to help them grow, too, which I’ve been sharing, lately.

    If they like anything I share now, then THIS mmmiiiggghhhttt go viral.

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