The Impact of Studying Abroad on The Lifestyle of International Students

Have you ever noticed that international students are inspired by the very fact that they have studied abroad for some time? The country rarely matters. It matters to them, of course, but the arguments are often similar for Malaysian students who studied in the US and American students who studied in Malaysia, for example. However, in reality, the fact itself is not a defining factor. The point is that, although the experience of every international student is unique, there are very particular ways how it influences one’s personality.

1. Thirst for Knowledge

Although many students have different priorities before they go abroad and different reasons to go there, in the majority of cases, a new country makes you a better student. The reason for this is the difference in educational system and approach. That is, you will get the same knowledge under a different sauce. Besides, you’ll get an opportunity to try various studying techniques that may be really useful in your further education.

2. Critical Thinking

Most students adapt to their family’s beliefs and opinions. This is not bad, of course.  But young people often take a full advantage of it.They don’t want to take any decision, no matter whether it is big, like picking a college, or small like choosing what they are going to eat. Studying abroad shows a student different traditions and lifestyles. Now, when you compare both, you can choose what is right for you personally and make your own decisions.

3. Responsibility

However, the decisions we make have consequences. When someone else decides for us, we can blame them if the result is not what we have expected.This is a number one feature of an immature personality. Facing the consequences and observing what has led to them – is what you will surely get after you spend some time studying abroad.

4. Independence

Responsibility presupposes freedom. Independence is a different concept. In terms of studying abroad, it means that you are able to act on your own within the system. Sometimes, the student is a little too comfortable within the system of education. Even those who keep shouting that they are out of it! First of all, if you study – you are in the system. You get used to its rules and find people who constantly help you. There is no surprise that all your network of useful people will be left at home. There will be no teacher who knows that you are brilliant, even though a little lazy. There will be no groupmate who helps with home tasks. There will be no mom who cooks you breakfast, while you are revising for the test hysterically. You can only count on yourself for a limited time. And this experience is priceless!

5. A New Perception of Yourself

Different people reading the previous points might have two opposite opinions about how they will adapt to new environment. In general, these opinions are based either on an excessive self-confidence or, as opposed to it, on the lack of self-belief. One may think ‘I’m quite independent now. I have nothing to learn from this experience.’ or ‘I’m always alone, and no one wants to help me, so nothing is going to change.’ And the other will get really nervous thinking ‘This experience is going to break me because I’m not capable of changing my lifestyle and attitude.’ When you come to the other country, you will see that most of your beliefs about who you are are wrong. You may turn out to be stronger or weaker than you have thought. The perception of yourself can also change on different levels. Besides believing in themselves, students start believing in their countries and their universities.

6. Setting Priorities in the Material World

Studying abroad is not always a piece of cake. It is a piece of bread and, often, even without butter. We are talking about financial issues, of course. Usually, you have where to stay and what to eat (basically) when you are an international student. But there are loads of other things you may need to study, like stationery or transportation. Besides, this type of journey is still traveling. It is not only about studying night and day. It is about sightseeing, fascinating events, traditional cuisine, and plenty of other exciting things.There are things you have to find the money for by saving or earning. There are also things that you have to give up, as they really don’t fit your budget. If you buy what you want just because there is nothing like that at home, you’ll spend everything you have in no time. Thus, setting financial priorities is not just one of the best persuasive speech topics for college, but also a new mindset you will definitely adopt after studying abroad.

Bonus: Career Perspectives

A former international student is always interesting to a potential employer. First, the level of education might be higher, depending on the school where he or she studied. Secondly, the personal qualities developed during this period may be valuable for the company. Don’t make a mistake thinking that there are plenty of international students. The percentage is not that high. Besides, many US students, for example, choose only four countries to go: the UK, Italy, Spain, and France. Different sources supplement this list with the US itself (for students from other countries) and China. Imagine you have chosen other country to study in. The destination should be interesting and perspective, of course.If you have picked the field you want to dedicate your life to, think of the countries that can contribute to your knowledge in this field.

Students who took a chance to study abroad always change a bit. But if you believe that your life will be turned upside down, it won’t. On the other hand, such an experience will help you see the world from a completely different angle. Don’t you think it is the best way to open up the strongest features of your personality?


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