Fun Times In Houston, Texas

May 12-15, 1994 Houston Texas

My cousin Heather (left in photo with wide brim hat)  got a teaching job at an elementary school in Houston Texas after she graduated from college. She invited me to come visit by sending a postcard with a picture of the Houston Astrodome on it and saying “Come take me to a game here!”. I cashed in my TWA Frequent Flyer Miles and booked a flight from Boston. It was a great visit. The weather was warm, but not oppressively hot. Great Mexican food and cheap Margaritas were abundant. On Friday after school got out we went to Six Flags Astroworld for a few hours before the game. I was worried we’d be late but  Heather said, “You do know that Astroworld is across the street from the Astrodome? I didn’t know that.

Houston beat the Colorado Rockies 4-2. it was a great game, and a unique experience to watch baseball in air-conditioned comfort under a dome. I grew up roasting in the bleachers of Boston’s Fenway Park, so my first National League game was a welcome to the space age.

The next day we slept in, visited the Houston Zoo and by accident happened upon the store of Pueblo To People, a fair trade organization that marketed Guatemalan clothing and Nicaraguan coffee among other things. I bought a sombrero and a Mayan textile decorated belt. It was an awesome trip to a great city to hang out with my terrific cousin.

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