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Eye for Detail: Street Photography

Flickr’s veteran photographer shows off his prowess with an eye for detail in his skillful craft with photography. The following stunning photos will deliver justice to Virily’s readers’ and viewers’ their time to enjoy and gain insight.

Grandpa and Grandma on a Date. I love this beautiful and sweet point of view from where this elderly couple is, probably, looking at a map of the city. They seem to be taking their time and expecting a good time together as they begin to survey Melbourne city.


Sydney: Night Life in the Rain. Colors in Wet

Magnificent reflections of light soft beams and glitters during the pouring rain until it abated into trickles. Definitely the photographer's most favorite moment of his street photography-- after the rain.

Melbourne Visitor Centre.  Integration, unity and coverage of black and white in the story of this photo. The photographer stands before the hustle and bustle of streetwalkers' spur-of-the-moment. While the photographer takes his time and catches every moment and breath of time slows down before him and takes pictures as he chooses.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.   

The rain did not stop us the ride on the ferry at the harbour. This is a magnificent photo shoot added to the Virily Gallery. This a lifetime memory-keeper in my journal. Delightful moment of the evening.

They"re Watching You. Excellent shot! Linear, shadows, shading, reflections heightened the story this photo emotes. The wall painting is brilliant artistry. Kudos to the painter. Awesome photographer!

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Written by Country Mama

I'm usually easy going.  As I grow older, I learn to see better days ahead, the sun always shines the next day. Tomorrow is always a new beginning.

Children bring a lot of the secrets of being happy everyday.  Do my best with them as soon as I rise up, when I walk by the way, and when I sit , and when I lie down reflecting about each day fulfilled.

Tomorrow again. Better days ahead.





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    • Thank you, Georgi Tsachev. They are, indeed, great optics the photographer caught in the lens of his perspective. Obviously, he possesses an open mind with his Olympus camera at any time he deems right for the moment in retrospect. Awesome!

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