Extracting Yourself from an Abusive Relationship – Step One

The most important step is to realise you are in an Abusive Relationship. This is the most painful recognition, for it defines you as ‘victim’.

No one wants to be a victim, to be weak, to be dominated, to be helpless. So most people refuse to accept that they are being abused. They will invent, lie, rephrase, in short, they will look for every possible excuse.

Then there comes a moment in which a flash of realisation occurs;  and that is the moment you must grasp. You must accept reality.

Whether you are a child abused by your parents, or parents abused by your child, whether you are a wife or a husband, an employee or even an employer; you have to appreciate when you are in an abusive relationship and make all effort to pull yourself out.

A lucky few can walk away, right then and there. Most can’t. Most are trapped. Not only by the position one is in, but by their own damaged psyche.

If you can’t run away from home, if you can’t just quit, then you have to begin the process of removing your soul from the clutches of the abuser.


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