Margie’s Great Escape – Part VIII

Margie moved into the furnished studio on the weekend.  She felt so strange being alone. She had, during her marriage to Mac relished those blessed safe times when he was out. Now, she felt afraid.

She realised it was this fear of being alone which is why she had stayed with Mac. Why she had married him. Although she shouldn’t blame herself for the abuse she suffered and put up with for two years, she recognised her fear had been what kept her in that flat with him.

Still, she didn’t have to be alone, and went to the shelter to help out and sit in on a therapy session.

What shocked her so much was that the other women had similar stories. They all spoke of the same kind of step by step abuse, the same kind of coping mechanisms.

When she left the session she took herself to a movie. It was the first time she did this. Of course, taking herself to watch a movie couldn’t compare to taking herself cross country,  but then it was escape, like running from a wild bear.  Now it was serving herself first.


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Written by jaylar

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