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Warning: Keeping a Job You Hate Can Kill You

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I know, this headline seems a bit dramatic and shocking! But nonetheless, it can be very real. Although you should not quit a job that pays your bills without some planning first, you should definitely not keep a job just for money.

Some decisions in life are tough, they will require you to be brave and courageous, even if you are uncertain about your future. We seem to rely too much in what our minds can predict, but once you have the guts to make hard decisions, you will understand very clearly that life has amazing surprises!

I mean, you never know what can happen tomorrow! Maybe a disaster will come, maybe you will find a great opportunity, maybe someone will lend a hand. But the lesson here is that you should trust your heart and intuition far more often than your mind (funny thing: it was a senior programmer who told me that lesson! never forgot it).

Truth be told: your mind can make you a very frustrated person, keeping that same shitty routine, that same awful job, those same companies that you know are not good for you, only because you’re afraid to lose everything.

Let me tell you something: the most successful and happy people in the world have taken lots of risks! They are never easy-going, they’re always going farther. There are no guarantees in life, so taking risks is just a way to increase the odds that good things will happen.

Of course that doesn’t mean you should go to a casino and just waste all of your money with gambling! You should take risks when it translates into leaving your comfort zone: I think that is the key. If you wanna just keep things the way they are, how can better things happen to you?

That said, I’ve heard plenty of stories about people that ruined their lives because of a bad job they insisted to keep, even knowing that was no good for them: health problems, psychological issues, family conflicts, being fired for unfair reasons… and the list goes on!

So don’t wait for something bad to happen before you can make an important decision in your life. Just break the cycle and seek a way out before you can look back and see you wasted your life with some crappy job that made you a miserable person, even tough your wallet was full of money.

PS.: I just quit my full-time job and now I’m a much happier person, working at home with things I love and enjoying my family. That really is priceless!


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Written by Danny B.


  1. I speak from personal experience that working a job that does not pay your bills like delivery driving on our own auto is a major cause of mental breakdowns. I enjoy writing since I can share my experiences with others.

    • Thanks for you comment Trenna!

      I am quite happy indeed 🙂

      But it’s never easy you know.. making life-changing decisions, but we just have to do it.