How Abusers Abuse Themselves – part 13

When one is alert to an Abuser, one can avoid being a victim.   One can also map their self abuse.

In many cases, when an Abuser has no victim he abuses himself.

When in a relationship, if his partner wants to eat Chinese Food he will buy Italian.  This is to deny his partner. When he has no partner, he can only deny himself.

To avoid being the victim one must be sensitive to the meaningless rules and regulations abusers set around themselves.

George, a man who had engaged in domestic violence and was now alone, avoided by his children and ex-wives.   Reaching out, sending emails, only his first wife answered.

As George had not ‘rehabilitated’   as he was an abusive husband without a wife,  the only person he could abuse was himself.

Hence he subjected himself to restrictions.

Be very alert to the person who has ridiculous restrictions on themselves, for if you get too close, you may become a victim.


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