Mother with Schizophrenia. Child suffering from schizophrenic parent being loved and hatred at the same time

Narcissists; their Cruelty is Implicit – Part 4

In every abusive situation, be it the Boss From Hell, be it the spouse, the first encounters are so sweet and giving that you could never imagine that the person is a Narcissist.

The Boss might pick you up to carry you to your new job. He may buy you lunch. To get you settled, he may give you time off or some benefit so that you think he is the best boss in the world.

This wo/man may run into your life making you feel so loved, so important,that you are overwhelmed. Kindness, interest, gifts, focus, listening to your every word, and remembering even your most minor reference.

Everything is fine, everything is your way,  and you feel on a pedestal. You feel so good about your self, and appreciate how much that other person makes you feel.

And you trust.

This is all the Narcissist needs from you.


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Written by jaylar