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Your eating habits are important but it is important where you keep your favorite food

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Have you ever heard your nutrition telling you where to keep your favorite food items in your kitchen or refrigerator? Yes your eating habits are important but where you keep your favorite food is something really important.

Generally nutrition does not tell you that you should keep your favorite eating items hidden or away from your easy reach. But I feel you should keep healthy items in front so you pick them instead of the items which might be bad for your health.

It is also important that how you eat and how much you eat. You must reduce the size of your plate if you are in the process of reducing your weight. You can control your eating habits by keeping healthy foods like fruits and nuts in front of your eyes in the kitchen and get rid of items that increase your cholesterol and fat.

Have you ever thought that all your efforts for reducing weight go in vain just because you have a bad eating habit? Most of us are aware of healthy life style depends on our eating habits but have a look at your refrigerator and you will instantly notice that it is full of chocolates, cookies and candies.

You should immediately replace them in the back side or if possible remove them from your kitchen instantly. Your nutrition might have certainly suggested you what to eat and what is not healthy for you.


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Written by Suny Ag


  1. If anyone has cookies, chocolate or candy in their fridge then it is bad like you say for their health but also bad because none of those things should be in the fridge. Check out my post on what not to put in your fridge :o)