Do You Really Have Rights?

What Are Human Rights?

Google has this to say,

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

As much as I would concur with the definition, I tend to have my doubts. Human Rights of the wealth and the powerful seems not to be the same with the weak and the poor. The knowledgeable have also an edge over the ignorant. Though these rights are incorporated in our constitution and taught in our institutions, they tend to be broken with the same intensity.

#1 Our Police

The police are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping law and order in the community. They are to ensure that the Human Rights are enforced. It is however disheartening that these law enforcers end up to be law breakers.

They often use excessive force in their line of duty. They shoot to kill innocent citizens. Often the police violate the rights of their fellow humans.

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#2 The Law Courts

It is in the law courts where one needs to get justice when their rights have been violated. The same law courts engage in bribery and end up violating the rights of those that ran for them for protection. Those with wealth and power oppress those without.

Law courts have alternated justice to be for the mighty. They have exchanged human rights to be the rights for the mighty.

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Written by stbrians


  1. I do agree with you, sir. Though not all the time, but it seems, those who have the money and in power tend to abuse the privilege that their wealth and power bring and disregards the rights of others.
    I think that’s where the problem lies. People in authority tend to abuse their privileges and abuse their power and violate the rights of others.
    Where is the UN and their Commission on Human Rights? I don’t know. But here in my country, they tend to help only those who has the money as well (some of those are “suspected” criminals), or politicians who wants to boost their popularity. Thus they too do not recognize

  2. Humans love to formulate the ideal idea of themselves but more often fail to apply it because of various interests. The ideal formulation, as well as other formulas, such as ideology, lifestyle, culture, etiquette to the smallest behavior, is always paradigmatic. The plurality of the inhabitants of the earth certainly implies the number of paradigms, which can be aligned or colliding with each other, depending on their interests.
    Even the so-called Divine teachings have many versions for humans. So, if the formula of God, the command of the Almighty, or something of the Supreme that we believe in, is violated by man, let alone the formula made by the human? If those who formulate or who have a formula also do not obey it, what about who does not care about the formula?

        • I feel grieved when I see people stepping on others so as to grab for themselves. They amass wealth which they ravishly use. It is like the mattress thief who steals many mattresses that he cannot sleep on but arranges them to sleep on the topmost.

          • A good analogy. I think justice and truth are human aspirations that the struggle to achieve will never be completed. Its fighters are small in history, but what it fights is just like breaking a small bubble of boiling porridge. We can never stop fighting for it, in any way, at least to keep ourselves from being polluted by its influence.

    • Thanks. Police have shot down infants in my country and no steps taken. Human Rights bodies have been deregistered but nothing is done. Where is UN?

  3. Having rights is one thing – how those rights are protected, respected and enforced is another matter entirely. The important thing is surely to ensure that any breach of human rights is given due regard and proper redress made.

    To ensure the latter, it is essential – in any country – for the legal system to be as independent from the political system as possible. That means no appointments made to the judiciary by politicians, and no politically motivated elections for any post in the law or justice system.

      • So you have rights. It seems they are not violated where you are. Not in my country but even ICC was unable to redress genocide in my country. The criminals who were in power and witheld and killed evidence went scotfree

    • In my country the government is the judiciary and even the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is manipulated by the government. Money exchanges hands and if you are unswayed then elimination becomes the order of the day. As I post some Human Rights bodies have been deregistered.