Do you read newspapers?

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We have access to internet 24*7 and news updates are being flashed on social media sites every instant. You can also access news on the satellite channels and online news websites. This has made newspapers somewhat obsolete. I have worked for leading English daily for ten years and I know the kind of challenges the print media is facing. The cost of paper and printing is going up day by day but the revenues are decreasing. Increasing readership is another challenge.

But I feel that reading newspapers is more of a habit. Nothing can replace the pleasure of reading the newspaper in the morning while sipping morning tea. At the same time, people are generally accustomed to a particular newspaper and they would want to read that particular newspaper only. My day is incomplete without reading newspaper in the morning. You can hear the news on tv channels or news websites but the newspapers have much more to offer. The articles, editorials, page 3 news, reviews, the local news and happenings- a newspaper has so much to offer.

What about you guys? Do you still read newspapers or you prefer checking news online? Do you thinks newspapers have become a thing of the past?


What do you think?

Written by swalia

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