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How to Have an Effective and Strong Long Distance Relationship?


Most of the long distance relationship nowadays tend to test their commitment every single day when they are away from their partner. Here are the top 5 tips on how to have a strong relationship even both of you are in the different side of this world.

TOP 5: LEARN TO UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION. Knowing is different from understanding, both of you should understand that your relationship is not that easy but manageable. That there will be a time that fate and destiny will challenge your commintment to each other. And it will always be up to you on how to deal with the situation.

TOP 4: STAY POSITIVE. You need to have that positive aura everyday. Don’t let negative vibes come along with your life. Also, thinking about the negative things will never help to grow your relationship instead it will ruin not just your day but your relationship as well.  When you talk to your partner, always greet with a smile and talk about happy thoughts.

TOP 3: TRUST. Without “TRUST” there’s no “US”. This is one of the main reasons that both of you should consider in order to have a stronger relationship. Doubting your partner’s commitment is not healthy at all, you should know how to control the way you think in certain situation. If you allow doubt to enter your mind, the trust will collapse which will bring your relationship into danger.

TOP 2: COMMUNICATION. Do everything that you can in order to have, at least a small talk with your partner. A simple “good morning” and “good night” everyday is relevant. It will help to boost the thought that you really care about your partner and in your relationship. In this generation, there are different ways to talk to your partner. You have social media and other applications that you can use to talk about anything under the sun.

TOP 1: BE CONSISTENT. Always make your partner feel that he/she means everything to you.  Show that even if the setup of your relationship is complicated, you could still manage to know your priorities and give him/her the assurance that at the end of the day, you are grateful that you have him/her as your partner.


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