Cutting Out The Negative

You’ve heard it often, but just as often it has gone in one ear and out the other.    But to have a pleasant life, it is the best advice you can get and give.


Take these little kids.  They go to this school.   For some reason they ‘look up to’  this other kid.  The idolised kid makes them feel bad about themselves.   They don’t realise it.   They don’t capture the fact that every time they are with their idol they feel inferior.

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Take these young adults.   They work at this office.   They look up to the manager.  The Manager speaks to them in such a way they feel less.   They don’t notice how he phrases his statements, they don’t internalise that when they are around him there is an effort to make them feel inferior.

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Take these parents.   They have raised three children to adulthood.  Every week they have dinner and every week one of them or two of them don’t show up, or one of them or two of them talk in a condemning voice.

It is never what they are going to do, it is always what happened five, ten, fifteen years ago, repeated over and again, twisted to make it seem that they were the worst people in the world.

These are three examples of Negative inputs.   Of putting yourself in a position to have your spirit brought down.

Like the little boy drawing a picture and an adult insulting his drawing, so the little boy stops drawing.

With little kids you have got to be alert to the ‘inputs’ from other children, from teachers, and neighbours.  You have to develop a kind of radar so that you can cut into the negative, replace with positive.

With young workers, they have to be made aware that inferior people try to make others feel bad about themselves.   They have to teach themselves to dismiss the remarks of the manager so as not to pollute their system.

With parents of grown children, not permitting them to talk of the past and ignoring them when they do, is the way to prevent the negative input.

One of the things you will notice, once you get rid of the negative people in your life is that you feel better. Physically, intellectually, emotionally better.

Misery does love company.  And people who feel bad about themselves feel better making others feel worse.


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