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Church St.Luka in Krnjaca, Belgrade

Robin Biznis November 8.2018

Yesterday I went to town to buy the color of the bath I needed for Saturday.When I crossed the bridge on the Danube, I sat down on the first station and extended it to the church of St. Luke in the village of Krnjaca. It is about 6 km in front of my Borca settlement.Let me explain why I visited the church.Many years ago I bought a book by Russian white magician Lav  Gersman .

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In one part of this book he gives advice, it is good for health to visit the church on the date of your birthday.

Or one day before or one day after.Then at the church you need to buy three candles and set them on for health.One of your enemies, other people you love, and third people who love you.Maybe I’m superstitious, but I’ve been doing it for years.And something about the church of St. Luke.The church began to be built right after the NATO aggression against Serbia 1999 year.,Large voluntary contributions have been given for construction. It was completed in 2003 year.

Now this church has everything necessary for normal functioning.After a good time, there are always many children in the church yard, where children can play on various terrains. Parents can rest on benches.The church has a small fountain and a water fountain, as you can see in the pictures. There are many weddings done here as and baptism of  child.

For believers here is where they can find their peace.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful feat of construction and architecture. I especially like the photo or painting of St Luka above the entrance. It seems to be a very quaint church, not too big, not too small, just the perfect size.

    • Hi Gal , Gale, this is the quote of the architects mr. ristić “When asked why a new temple in Krnjaca could be stylistically determined, Mr. Ristić, with a mild dose of professorship, says:” There is no style, it’s fashion, transience. The church comes from the idea and is an integral part of the liturgy, as well as prayer and the bells. It is in proportion, the design of the church is a composition between the ball, that is, the cosmos, the resurrections, and the cubes, the grave of Christ “


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