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Bro's Dr. Appointment

Today Bro had a doctor’s appointment with his Lupus doctor.  He pounded at the top of the stairs to let me know that he was ready.  He was ready alright.

When my sister arrived to take him she just smiled. We are used to him and this really wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. This is exactly how he went. My sister said “Two grumpy old ladies didn’t appreciate him at all and said he needed to leave the waiting room. I guess he just laughed and went back to reading his magazine.

The doctor was entertained and glad that he felt good enough to get dressed this time. Many times he goes in his pj’s! We are lucky that he has some great doctors. He sure has been through and lot and the hardest is still ahead.

Family means everything and we are lucky to have him.


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    • I am not quite sure how to respond. I am completely aware there is no cure. There is a medication that costs over $5,000.00 a month after insurance that is at least keeping lupus from attacking some of his organs. I am doing all I possibly can. He also needs open-heart surgery. I know he is dying a little more every day. That is why you hear me talking about his illness and being a caregiver. He is my big brother and wants to take care of me. He doesn’t like to be the one who needs help. It’s breaking my heart.

      I admit, I am a little shocked by your comment. I am not angry.

  1. I am glad he has kept his sense of humor and his joie de vivra. Tell me so I can get a mental picture of your brother. Is that hair all his and does he really have a full mustache and beard? He seems to be quite an interesting fellow with who one could have some great conversations.

    • That picture is the real him. The only addition is the big purple glasses. His hair goes down past his waist and yes the beard is real. That’s him.

      He had just washed his hair and it is wet. It looks stringy there, but he has thick dark hair.

      He will be thrilled that you asked!

  2. Ask his doctor if he can have Acia concentrate. It may help the immune system and has been known to help this condition. It has been said to help cancer patients take every treatment, which can mean more success stories.

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