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Robin Biznis August 15.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

I love the second half of August in Belgrade.
The reason is simple
Then the beer days start with the good music.
This year will be the 20th anniversary. The event will last for five days. The organizers announce the record for the number of free music concerts.
They announce the number of 120 concerts. It is usual to listen to different types of music. Performers from Serbia, neighboring countries and also from America will perform.
This is how the American Rapper Group will perform for the first time
Crazy Towns X.
I prefer to listen to home rock and Irish music than the homegrown Orthodox Celts.

I have to admit that I like to drink a good bottle of beer too.
There are many types of beer so it’s hard for me to choose.
So every year I choose a different species.
This year, if there is a beer from Belgium, it will be my choice,
I also hope the weather will continue to be nice, without rain.
Last week was a hell of a hot day. On Wednesday and Thursday it was a little icy, but since Friday when days of beer  starts, the weather is good.
For young people from Serbia and the surrounding area, there are opportunities to enjoy good music and good beer.
The organizers provided 4-5 lanes for buses to take visitors who do not have their own car or drink a little more.
I hope the 20th manifestation jubilee will live up to my expectations.
source photo: Image by GoodMate from Pixabay


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