Angels: The Presence

I dedicate this poem to Carol DM, to hopefully help her heart feel less heavy,

The dearly departed may not be so far away

You may be setting in a chair

and then all of a sudden

you sense a presence of some kind

You look around trying to sense this presence

it seems to follow you

Wanting to connect

even for a second

Wait patiently


I am not saying this definitely does happen, but I know what someone experienced once. Someone’s brother died and he was alone setting in a chair reading a medication book of some kind. Then, he told me he sensed his brother’s presence. He told me it was like he was telling him he was listening to him.

Someone else told me that after their husband died, that this certain clap lamp would go on at a certain time, without anybody clapping. She remembers that every evening at the same time her husband would turn on the clap lamp. Now since he has been gone, it turns on without any help.

Do you believe that feeling the dearly departed presence is possible? Carol DM I hope this post did not make you feel sadder. I hope it made you feel even a little better.


What do you think?


Written by LaJenna

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  1. Wow, I am speechless that you would do this for me. You have helped me in ways you have no idea about. These words really struck a nerve but it is all good. I never mind when others are truly thinking of me and extending a hand to help. Never think twice about what you write. Follow your heart. It is all good! Waiting to connect… reflection… wait patient. These are all great for me to remember and look back on every day. I think you for this post my dear friend.


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