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Catching Butterflies ~ Nature Tuesday

Was out all morning photographing butterflies in Dustin’s garden. Thought they were all gone but surprise! These gulf fritillaries almost swarmed me. I counted six at once. Some on my hand, others my leg, and the few blooms that are left.

What an experience it was in the garden. I felt a presence other than the butterflies. Just saying that it was a very special unplanned time.

Remember to always look around and take in all the little things like has for you.


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Such a lovely butterfly. I have heard that butterflies sometimes also bring a greeting from those who have passed on but of course, we can not know the message if any, just that it is comforting to know they say hi. There was a butterfly that came very late in the season to our garden in Latvia and my late husband held it on his hand, I was lucky to get photos. It seemed that there was more than just a greeting, perhaps some special message or warning because that butterfly did not want to say goodbye. He stayed around us for quite a long time,

    • They were ll over, almost swarming, so excited. They didn’t visit like this back in the summer. Getting ready to leave i guess. One reason for having this garden is to attract these angelic visitors. I truly believe in a message and presence. What a story you have as well.

  2. Not many butterflies here. There was one that had come inside I gently chased it away. I was afraid the cats would catch it.

    I have never experienced butterflies swarming all over me the way you have described. Is it a first time for you?

  3. I found that there are a lot of small things around us, especially when we step into to the nature and notice them. I didn’t notice or they just didn’t exist when I was hiding inside the office or just buildings almost all day long, but didn’t go to the park or near the nature. 😀


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