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A Poem: A Time to Live Forward

Once upon a time

There was a woman

Who lived

yet did not live

Until Death

Stole her son

She wept silently


Silently became deafening

She would turn to

Other ways of

Trying to cope

With the loss caused from death


After she had to see her doctor

Due to her feelings of hopelessness


She has found out that

To live is a gift

That must not be

Taken for granted

To live without really living

is more fatal than death itself

She knows her son

Would want her to carry on for him

So now

Her once felt hopeless existence

Has been filled

With the gift of another chance.

To breathe

And smell every sense

That is floating

Through the air

And notice

What it has to offer

To turn old past regrets


Nothing but

A puff of smoke

Then as her days passed


More and more smoke free

Life turned


From that day


Until the end of time


My sister lost her son, but now she is blossoming into a person that I have wanted to see for many of years. She has learned that life is more than precious. She learned life needs to be taken seriously, and whatever she did not understand from the past years, she wants to take all that effort, and put it into loving the future that God has waiting for her. She told me that she feels like a turtle coming out of its shell. Then one day it peeked out of its shell and saw life and was it beautiful, and life’s journey began.


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Written by LaJenna