A New Beginning (Part 18): Stay relentless

During this time of the Covid-19 outbreak, we must choose to remain relentless.  Whatever opponent rises against you, you must desire to stay relentless.  The moment that you let up is the moment you allow for your enemy to gain an upper hand against you.  The countries in which the coronavirus has been somewhat contained is due to the leaders of those particular nations deciding to be relentless during the entire ordeal.

A good example of remaining relentless is like the above picture.  The goal in a game of chess is to capture the other person’s king.  Until checkmate is achieved, you have to keep playing with a fervor until the opponent’s king can no longer make any moves against you.  Totally neutralize the adversary that you are facing by selecting to remain relentless.


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  1. I think you are right, and yet, relentless seems like a hard one to me too.

    Relentless seems a hard word to me, and it makes me wonder if we should always be relentless in our lives, in all aspects of our lives?

    I will answer this from the perspective of love.

    Love loves relentlessly, and never stops loving, even in times of despair, love, like the sun, continually shines on us, so yes, we must not give up on love, and let fear enter a crack.

    Even so, as soon as an opening is created in love, by our self, love leaks out of God to again try to fix it, but the potential for the crack reopening is in us until we repair it by relentlessly returning to love.

    It is the same here, I think, we should not allow any cracks to appear, reappear, or to remain in our defences against this nastily invasive virus.


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