A New Beginning (Part 16): Out of control

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Life is not a utopia.  We do not control everything.  The quicker that you realize that you are not able to control each and every thing that happens to you, the quicker that you will experience a new beginning in your life.  

For example, we have no control over how long each of us will live because we are individual beings living our own individual lives.  That’s why murder is one of the worst things that a person can do to another person because people are not supposed to determine how long someone else lives.  We are supposed to let people live their lives because we cannot choose for them even if they go down the wrong path.

Each and every day in life is like a war.  Even if you do not want to fight, you must fight.  Fighting every day is beyond your control.  If you do not fight, then you will be destroyed.  If you do not fight for change, then things will not change.

That’s why I am astounded by so many people that think that if they do nothing, then the coronavirus will magically go away.  How can circumstances change when everyone chooses to do the same thing?  Doing the same routine is why Covid-19 has spread around the entire globe in the first place.  Things will be out of control for a short period of time.  Then, you will be able to go back to doing what you were doing.


What do you think?


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  1. Life is a single struggle, dear friend …. we cannot influence many things in life so we can do something smart in the case when we can influence … and now is the time when we have to live responsibly to ourselves and our loved ones and finally our own citizens


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