A New Beginning (Part 12): Pursuit

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In order to have a new beginning, we must choose to pursue a new beginning within our lives.  Nothing new will happen to you if you are waiting for something to come to you.  Make it happen for yourself.  There are three simple steps that you can use in order to create enough gumption within you to pursue after a new beginning.

1. Execute judgment.  Talking does not change anything.  Follow up the talk with action.  Execution is the catalyst for pursuing your goals.  “The proof of desire is pursuit.”  

2. Use what you have.  Do not wait for when the time is right.  Use the resources that you have now in order to complete future goals.

3. Stay unique.  We are all individuals.  Simply do something that nobody else is doing.  Being unique forces you to pursue something that will make you stand out with excellence.


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