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Weeding Wisely – Part 2


All of these different governmental regulatory organizations approve the use of the weedkiller RoundUp.  However, the main ingredient in Roundup, which is glyphosate, has been shown to cause cancer in those that consistently uses the product.  Over 40,000 people around the world has sued Monsanto, the manufacturer of Roundup, and Bayer, the owner of Monsanto, over the past year because they obtained cancer.

Even though a government deems for something to be suitable for consumption does not meant that a product is 100 percent safe.  For example, another product that was made by Monsanto that was used as a pesticide throughout the 20th century was DDT.  This product was deemed to be OK by governments all over the world.  However, this product has been banned since 2001 because it had the capability to destroy all wildlife and caused side effects like cancer, infertility, and damage to the nervous system.

Part 2 confirms that you should not use RoundUp if you want to weed wisely.  Don’t believe everything that the government tells you and use discernment.  We are still looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


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