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The plant’s destroyer

I waited for almost 2 months in order to grow the seeds and transfer it to a wide soil garden. I always watered my plants and put some egg shells and dried leaves for its fertilizer. But one day observed that there were many ants in my garden and it destroying my plants. I keep watering my plants in order for the ants to leave.

But I was wrong, they keep on my plants and I was worried that my plants will not grow healthy because of it.

May I ask you, what is the best way to get rid the ants?


What do you think?

Written by EPGACASAN17


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  1. Unless they are harvester or fire ants. Leave them, they are beneficial to your plants. If you see a long line of them going up a stem, they are more than likely eating aphids or pests. The tunnels they create give the plant air. The dead insects they bring to their colonies decay and provide nutrients. Id say leave them. If you decide you do want to get rid of them several things deter them. Coffee grounds, tobacco soaked and made into a tea. Lemon juice. Dish soap. Cinnamon. Borax around the perimeter..

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