The Phone Call

If you read anything I write you probably know that my grandsons “have my number”. Apparently, even though it is September 6th their brain is on Halloween. The last time I was at their home there was dilemma over doing chores. Their parents don’t “pay” them for doing chores, it is part of being a responsible member of the family and I respect that. I had a discussion if their parents to see if there was anything we could do to help the situation as it has become a source of contention.

Their Mom called me today and said “We discussed the chores and we think we have a plan. They must do their chores, that is given. If they do them with a good attitude it seems like maybe we could reward them somehow. Well, we thought maybe the reward could come from you guys.”

I said ” We can sure try and help. What kind of things do you want to use as rewards?”

“I will let the boys call you after school and discuss it.”

Well they called and they are earning smiley emoji squeeze balls and when they have ten of them they get a prize. The prize has to be something the whole family can enjoy and it can’t be food. They informed me that they were sending me an email with some excellent choices for prizes.

Check out what they want in their prize box.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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