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Succulent Garden Design

  1. Succulents are similar to the cactus family, but succulents need to be completely dry before watering. Don’t water for one to two months.
  2. Use cactus soil or potting soil and sand.
  3. Black Rose has a shallow root system. It grows its own roots. The root and stem will re-stem.
  4. Rearrange succulents into a pot.
  5. They prefer to be outside because they need the sun and the sunlight to thrive. If they don’t get enough sun and sunlight, then they get stressed and they will get bugs.
  6. Add rocks.
  7. You can also plant them in moss or dirt.
  8. But its flowers tend to attract aphids and other bugs. So, it is important to remove the flowers.
  9. You can plant them with Kangaroo Paws, Blue Grass, and Orchids.
  10. Don’t overwater because overwatering can lead to the plant becoming mushy and yellow. They can also get sun damage.
  11. Jade grows fast, turns red in the sun, and it can become big. So, don’t use MiracleGro on succulents because MiracleGro can kill succulents.
  12. Fishhooks and String of Pearls spill over. They can be planted at any time and they don’t need much.
  13. For Baby Toes, don’t water for one to two months.
  14. Humus and sand work well with succulents. You can also use clay dirt.
  15. All succulents will grow out and wide.
  16. They need cactus juice, once in a while, but don’t overfeed succulents. Let it dry out before you water a succulent.
  17. The Black Rose, as well as all outdoor plants, will sleep and close out in the sun, but it will widen out later.


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