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Small Cactus Garden Is A Genius Way Of Organizing Your Cacti

Hello to all the cactus lovers out there! If you are amazed by these wonderful dessert plants, then you must have lots of them. If you don’t, you should. These plants are favorite to the ones that live in apartments. They are so easy to maintain and don’t require so much time. Making your own cactus garden is a fun thing to do. Trust me, you will enjoy it so much. Having your little babies in one place will be so satisfying. And creating a small garden is not a difficult thing to do.The best time to start this project is spring. It will be excellent decor for your home. Are you already excited? Read on and find out more!

How to create a cactus garden?

The first step would be choosing  your decorative pot. Consider that cacti don’t like much water. Allow them the proper drainage by holes. Also, by placing stones on the bottom you will prevent them from clogging.

Then, choose your cacti. There are so many types available. Your small garden should have many of them, in different shapes and sizes.

Before you plant them, plan their position. If you have different sized ones, then think of where to place them. The smaller ones should go in front. Now it is time to plant your cactus. You should be extremely careful when doing this. Wearing gloves is a must.  Wrap some newspaper on top of it, to pick it up. This will protect you, as well the plant. After you have finished planting them, cover the top with sand. It will make it look like a real desert.When you have finished with this, add some additional decor. Anything is permitted!
cactus garden

Have you created your cactus garden already? Share your advises with us!


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Written by Kristina

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