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The rose is cultivated as ornament by the beauty and fragrance of its flower; But also for the extraction of essential oil, used in perfumery and cosmetics, medicinal and gastronomic uses. The rose garden is one of the most popular plants in the gardens. There are even specific gardens called rosaledas or rosedales, where only the members of the genus are exhibited, whose variety is so extensive that it comprises from miniature roses of 10 or 15 cm in height, up to Large shrubs, climbers reaching several meters high or crawlers used as covers floors.

#2 Red rose

The cultivation of the rose is very ancient, the first hybrids were made between European species, which were gradually incorporated the genomes of the Asian species. The first image of a species of Rose is found on the Island of Knossos, Greece, and corresponds to the 16th century BC. C. The island of Rhodas, also in Greece, received that name by the cultivation of the roses; There are coins from that island, from 4000 BC. C, with images of them.

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#4 Rose

The modern era of roses began in 1867 with the creation of the first hybrid of tea by the French producer Guillot, who called it "La France." 12 The invention came about by chance, when Guillot was trying to improve a rose orange. The result was a flower very fragrant and with a long flowering, different in size and characteristics to the roses that had until then. The original tea rose, before the creation of the hybrids that happened to the invention of Guillot of France, was smaller, almost without odor and was produced in a little chromatic palette: white, pink and red.

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