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Red Tipped Photinia

The Red Tipped Photinia is a shrub that I had never heard of before.  However, I ran across one in the clearance section at Lowes and couldn’t resist bringing one home for only a buck!  I love this Lowes’ location because of the super great specials in their garden center.

I planted this shrub in the Fall of 2919 and it is thriving.  The plant gets its name from it’s beginning leaves which start out in a blazing red color.  The leaves turn to green as the leaves mature which is usually in a couple of weeks or a month.  The Red Tipped Photinia is a hardy plant and can also be used to create a fence row or beautiful hedge that will grow up to ten feet in height.  Planted alone, it can grow as big as a tree and reach up to twenty feet tall.

Red Tipped Photinias can be forced to continually product new leaves by clipping or shaping the shrub.  This makes for a beautiful look in your yard or garden.  The plant grows best in well drained soil in an area with full to partial shade.

The Red Tipped Photinia produces beautiful and very tiny white blooms in the summer. However, the scent of the flowers is rather unpleasant so you may want to plant this one away from your house.  The flowers give way to a small red fruit if left to bloom out and on the bush.

Red Ripped Photinias are very hardy and normally carefree.  They are prone to fungus if planted in a wet and/or humid area.  Caterpillars, moths and mites are also common pests that you may find on the leaves.

I am looking forward to seeing this shrub blazing in beauty next Spring when it is larger.  I think I made a pretty good buy with this new plant.

Are you familiar with the Red Tipped Photinia?  What are your thoughts on it?

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons:  Forest and Kim Starr


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Written by Karen Gros

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    • I missed out on getting photos of my plant with blooms this year. I also wanted to see if the fragrance was bad as reported. It is striking with the new leaves coming in. The plant is then red and green.

  1. Great article Karen, I always knew that time travel was real. Since as you said in the post, that you bought it in the fall of 2919. PS. I’m glad to hear Lowes made it till then. just kidding, great article and a great plant. Thanks for sharing. 😉


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