Original ideas for the fence of the private house

Private house or cottage – comfort, home coziness, fresh air, fruits and vegetables, flowers and trees. With these words is associated the house in a private land, because here can rest the whole family, relax, protect yourself from the urban fuss and stay alone with nature. However, in order to create the necessary coziness and to protect oneself from all external factors, it is necessary to take care of the fencing of a private territory, in particular for own safety.

If cottage houses are buildings for seasonal rest, as most of the time spent here is in the warm seasons of the year, therefore, the expensive fence there will be inappropriate and preference is given to the practicality, and functionality of the building. For more info, you can check Zion Fence Company.

In order to protect your private land, you can use both expensive and cheap materials, but minimalism is welcomed in 2018 in all its manifestations. Now designers are ready to offer for the buyers a lot of interesting ideas and options that can make even a cheap fence very high quality and reliable. At the same time, the fence can be both beautiful and original. With all this, it is necessary to take into account that the main functional purpose of the fence – to secure the land area and its private area from external factors, not requested guests.

It is worth noting that it is much cheaper to install fences, the construction of which is attached to the support posts, mounted on a band foundation fence will cost much more.

Types of materials

Ideal building materials to build a reliable fence: wood, stone, bricks or metal. In general, the choice is yours, and what kind of material to use is picked individually, depending on the tastes and preferences of the owners. Most often used are wooden fences made of rods, bars or uncut boards. The main plus of a fence is that it is easy to build it with your own hands.

Wooden fence advantages:

  • Versatility – such a fence is able to fit perfectly into any design and landscape.
  • Convenience in service – it is enough to regularly paint the fence and eliminate its defects.
  • The ease of installation – it’s easy to put a wooden fence in your private area, everyone can handle it.
  • High level of reliability.
  • The possibility of various equipment and embellishment decoration.

Wicker fence to protect the private sector

The cheapest option for the fence is a wicker fence. However, this does not mean that it cannot be interesting – using the designer fantasy correctly, you can make an excellent fence in a rustic style. Making the wicker is easy and simple. Confirmation to this is that precisely the wicker fence is one of the oldest. Despite this, in 2018, it regains popularity and takes leading positions as a stylish decorative fence.

Metal or corrugated boards fence

Metal and corrugated boards are another options for building a fence around the private sector. The whole difference between the two species is the appearance. The fence from a metal is outwardly similar to a conventional wooden fence, but the corrugated board is a solid fence that will not allow outsiders to throw an eye on the private sector, which means you can feel safe.

The main advantage of all materials – the possibility of self-installation. By connecting fantasy, you can create an original, interesting and attractive fence. If you decorate it correctly and use modern ideas, then the design solution can surprise neighbors and passersby.


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  1. If I was to HAPPEN get lucky & run into a BUNCH of ? I would would have me a private
    fence that couldn’t be seen through OR climbed over & 10 ft tall around 5 acres of land.
    I like the # 4 # 10 # 11 photos if I was to have a private fence TOTALLY secluded. ?