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Do not you like to sue the courts, since your sucking hair rises? Here’s what this is about you

Avoiding certain jobs in the household is a lot of talk about a man and about whether he is creative, perfectionist, spontaneous, optimistic, personalized, under great stress.

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Everyone has jobs in the ultimate emergency household and those who will first choose because they somehow relax. Trips are those who just enjoy the screeching of a complete home every day, but it’s a story for yourself – behind this pleasure there is a need for a sense of keeping control in life. The type of work that someone constantly avoids speaks a lot about the character of a man, for example, whether he is under stress or perhaps very creative. A list of jobs people do not like and what it says about them:Rubbing – it shows spontaneity and delay from long-term planning. Such people can hardly understand those who do not diverge from their task lists and obligations.Organizing and stacking what’s in the closets – avoiding this job reveals an optimistic man. Although he knows that, for example, he went to winter and came in winter, and he would have to put his clothes in the closet, he would think about it, but he would not do anything to do it. Or if he decides to do it, he will work hard. Dishwashing – People who have the most difficult dishwashing jobs are creative. They will be happy to try out a new recipe for a couple of hours, packing dirty pots, but they will hardly even be put in a courtroom machine, let alone manually.Collection of leaves in the yard – caretakers enjoy the beautiful fall colors, but avoid falling into folded leaves – they experience it as an unnecessary waste of time.Laying and ironing of a washed and dried laundry – those who do not like this job are practical and often after washing the laundry – “Why did I just turn on the machine today?” They are also thinking of the arrangement of the pre-ironing arrangement, it is better to leave it scattered on the crowd.Cleaning the fridge – perfectionists can not help cleaning the fridge and leaving the job as long as they can. Those niches do not like to work halfway, so the fridge must have been perfectly cleansed and laid, and they do not. Shrinking tile in the bathroom – a deep-minded thinker wondering about the world of the bathroom looks far away, so his tiles look perfectly clean and there is no need to wash them. Though they care about the details, losing time and sweating “because of such irrelevant things like tiles” are seen as a waste of time. Removing dust – people whose dust removal efforts are realistic. They think it makes no sense to do that job if an hour later the dust beads will start to resume everywhere. It is better time to spend on some activity that will welcome them.Suction – Artistic types look at the vacuum cleaner as an enemy. To them, this job is too boring and not creative, because everything is back-to-back and listening to irritating noise.Cleaning cats for cats – only people with extreme stress can sneeze out the dirt in the box and not do anything about it.


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  1. The work of a series of everyday tasks at home is not light work. Without discipline and will, in an instant, everything can seem dirty, messy and uncomfortable. About doing so, not everyone has the same attitudes and interests. Maybe also about enjoying it; clean and tidy or dirty, smelly and messy. Hehehe…

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