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Planning your time

I am thinking about the dilemma to live or work? With my chosen field of work, I am busy always, my head is never on vacation, even when the muses are silent, I still create ideas and project in my mind.

That’s why I suspect: people who say they are able to accomplish everything in time because they know how to plan well, either lie or don’t fully reveal something, or have secret elves to help them, or just fail, but don’t want to say the truth.

I do nothing heroic or grandiose, and I really know how to plan and concentrate, and I go to sleep late after midnight, but I am still missing a few hours a day.

If I am in time with my offline works,  then there is little time left for creativity and just life. And there is still a household.

And there is also a wish to communicate with my dear souls, even virtual ones, and in most cases, I must find time for that. And else, I have a family, I have a partner who needs my time also.

And where else is the time for daydreaming, doing nothing, grazing in the clouds?

And why am I not a puppy in a castle with a good mistress, I think to myself because today I got an invitation to a new art exhibition and again must to think about how to replan my time?

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