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Is your home your sanctuary?

I was reading a very interesting article about home and lifestyle and it discussed how your home affects your sense of well being and mental and physical health.

It had seven questions at the end to judge whether you have an ideal home or if you need to make adjustments or improve things.

Here are the questions:

1)Are all rooms in the house laid out for comfort and efficient use?

2)Is the lighting adequate for reading, sewing, relaxing and other household needs?

3)Are the heating, cooling and ventilating facilities adequate?

4)Are the walls clean and do they look cheerful?

5)Do you get excessive outside noise?

6)Does everyone in house have enough space and privacy?

7)Do your appliances work efficiently?

No to any answer means that your home is contributing to your stress and has a negative impact on your well being.

I think we should assess these questions seriously. Personally, I know from experience that when my walls became dirty because my kids scribbled on them, I felt very claustrophobic. No matter how much I kept the rooms cleans, they still felt dirty and I felt embarrassed in front of guests.

Thank God a coat of paint took care of THAT!

Similarly having a cluttered look makes me feel very stressed. but more than me it affects my husband’s mood. He hates it when cushions are not straight or things are left on dining table for long or if the children do not put their toys and books away.

When I get up in the morning, the first I do is to straighten the bed and place the coverlet neatly over the bed. It is amazing how this simple act makes the room look neat.

All day long, I try to keep the home clean as encourage my children to do the same especially before going to bed so that when we wake up, the house looks clean and not as if a tornado has hit it.

Is your home your sanctuary?


What do you think?

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  1. We ended up moving into a new house 4 years ago to better support privacy and common areas. I believe the 8th question should be do you have common areas in your home where people can comfortably gather!

  2. Maintaining a house is a daily struggle. Appliances stop working, clutter creeps up, cracks, leaks and damages occur at unfortunate times. And if money is tight, there’s not much that can be done, no matter what we might wish for.

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