Every Veggie in My Salad From My Garden

You can’t get a salad any fresher than veggies harvested straight out of your own garden into your salad bowl. You don’t even need much space. Any number of salad and herb plants can be grown in containers or on a window sill when space is at a premium.

This year I grew a lettuce mix in window boxes on a recycled shelf unit behind my bistro set between two of my three raised garden beds.

All I had to do is clip off as many lettuce greens as I needed to fill my bowl. They grow back all summer.

The large plant on the left is one of two patio tomato ? plants growing in the holes of the cement blocks that make up my raised beds. These plants are very prolific. Both year’s I’ve grown them, I haven’t gotten less than 25 pounds per plant! These patio varieties are meant for container growing.

The plants cascading over the edge of that bed are bush cucumbers. The cucumbers are full size. The vines are short. Again, bush varieties are developed for small places and container growing.

Around the corner up on my deck are my pots of herbs. That is where chives and parsley are growing. I do grow a few onions for winter use, but chives offer the mild onion taste I like in my fresh salad.

Even during the winter, the herbs come into the kitchen on the sill over the sink. Those containers that rotisserie chickens come in make excellent mini greenhouses to grow microgreens. Fresh herbs and microgreens are healthy winter additions to any diet.

Proving once again that you can grow your own veggies to supplement your lifestyle no matter what the season.

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