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Colours of Pakistan: Multan’s Blue Pottery

The city of Multan in Pakistan is famous for its unique and very beautiful naqashi and hand-made blue pottery . Multan is known as city of saints and shrines and the blue ceramics or glazed pottery is an inherent part of its identity.

Making clay pottery is one of the oldest occupations of mankind; and the potterโ€™s wheel is probably one of its earliest inventions. It is amazing how clay turns into a piece of art in the hands of the Multani artisans.

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Holding any item of this fine and intricate handicraft, you can actually feel the emotions, love and craftsmanship that goes into its making. You can feel the skill handed down from ancestors into each individual piece and the care with which the artisan shares his expertise with us.

Whether the thing in hand is a utensil, a decorative tile or clay pots, vases or lamps, each item is a testimony to Multanโ€™s rich cultural and historical heritage .

These distinctive blue-white and turquoise tiles are also used to decorate various buildings in Multan so that it has a very distinct architecture .

Lovely pieces of art, aren’t they?


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    • I hope you do Gina but not without doing some research. The best months to visit Pakistan are from September to April, as summer months are EXTREMELY hot.

      If you like mountains, lakes and adventure, then look for places like Kaghan, Naraan, Malam Jabba, Skardu etc.

      If you like museums, monuments, parks, basically peace and quiet, then Islamabad is the city for you.

      If you want to experience an insane amount of food and shopping opportunities, then Lahore is the place to be.

      Though for foreigners, Islamabad is the best starting place. From here, all other places are easily accessible.

    • They are part of our cultural heritage but sadly a very neglected art. The rich prefer to buy their decoration pieces from Europe and US. The middle class prefers the much cheaper Chinese goods. These artisans learn to market their products in a better better and modern way.