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Ways to visually enlarge a small room

If you have a small living space, it can be increased by the color, decor elements and properly selected lighting.

Ceiling. The most room space can be increased by adding a glossy stretch ceiling. It makes a sense of doubled room’s high.

Color.  The great importance for the room’s visual has the chosen color. For a small room, it is best to choose white or pastel shades: yellowish, bluish, apricot, ivory, etc. By the way, cold colors: bluish, bluish-greenish – increase the room optically more than warm: orange, peach. It is advisable to have furniture of the same or close colors as the walls. The less contrast, the more optically room is enlarged.

Lighting. The lighted wall is visually moving away. Illuminated ceilings visually are getting higher. Therefore, if you want to expand the room, it is best to choose the luminaries with the possibility to direct them to the walls. For this, is very suitable the hidden lighting of the wall. If you want to optically raise the ceiling, it is advised to use the hidden perimeter illumination.

Mirrors. The space is best expanded by mirrors. They can be on the wall, in the furniture, in the closet with a sliding door. A mirror fitted in an appropriate place reflects not only space but also light, makes the room brighter and can optically increase it even twice.

Photo wallpapers with a spatial image. If one wall you will make with wallpaper that depicts the sky, horizon, space, that wall optically opens. In this way, two effects are extracted – the room is visually enlarged and given a unique accent. In a small room, however, it is better to choose a wallpaper of light shades. By the way, photo wallpapers do not have to be on the wall. The cabinet doors with a photo frame look great.

Light curtains. The windows increase the space most, so in no way can they can be overloaded by heavy curtains. Hang a lightweight, light, fluttering and it will increase the feeling of the space.

Furniture. The main rule is not to overload or clutter. Better use low furniture than high. Better the puffs than the armchairs. Better glossy surfaces of the panel than mat. Better a glass table than an oak table. When choosing upholstery, it is better to choose a small and a pale pattern than a large and bright one.

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