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Tips of How to Decorate Your Home With Candles

Cozy candlelight harmonizes and warms the environment, predisposes peace and romance. Even faces in the candlelight look much more mysterious, subtle and younger. And not only faces but also items – softened, cozier. It’s not worth to talk about longing warmth and light in the wintertime, but it doesn’t mean that in the summertime we should not use candles to make our living space to look cozier. Interior decoration with candles is a nice creative process. Spoof shadows on the walls and ceiling, velvet dusk, warm yellow reflections, seen in a new unusual space – all this gives to us candle flame.

First of all, it should be assessed what is table decoration, and then to adjust the candles. They can become a bright exclusive accent or adapt to the interior, and harmoniously supplement it. Sometimes it looks great when the candles are all the same and their flames lay down in smooth line. Even more impressive is the variety, so feel free to combine different height and thickness of the candles.

White candle burning in clear glass candlestick spreads the best-seen flame fluttering and objects in the distance are hidden in the shadows. Compared with colored candles, their flame is the warmest and brightest.–coffee-table-decorations-tray-decor.jpg

Also, it looks impressive burning candles in neutral colors – gray, pale yellow or even black.

Brightly colored candles should be burned in moderation. Of course, if they are intended to decorate the house in the day time, then color matching principles are other, associated with the color gamut of the interior. That burning colored candle would look impressive, not only its surface should be covered with paint, but also the interior. Sometimes it is white, and flaming looks non-aesthetic.

Many candles are fragrant. Lavender, cinnamon, citrus fruits and other scents positive effect on mood. Orange aroma dispels fatigue, lemon is invigorating, rose – helps to relax. However, remember that enjoy the flavors you should no longer than half an hour, that effect would not be the reverse.

Practical tips:

  • Low candles are better for decorating the served dining table. After all, no one wants to get burned from the candles while grabbing the spice or sauceboat.  
  •  If you want to decorate your table with thin candles, insert them into the glass dish. This is particularly important if there are paper or other flammable decorations on the table. 
  • If you hold the candle in the freezer, it will produce less smoke when burning. 
  • Candle home decorations are quite affordable. Even candlesticks do not have to be expensive: it is enough to buy cheap attractive tiny glass candle holders, which allow on the one side to use candles “pills” and if overturned – on the other side you can put tall thin candles.

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