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How to set up a perfect kitchen layout?

Kitchen is a part of home where people spend a lot of time, as well as one of the factors determining the price of a house or apartment. How to turn the kitchen into not only functional but also beautiful and a cozy room? The best cuisine is the one that looks spectacular and comfortable. Making the most of your existing space, increasing the area of the cabinets and adding a few more stylish accessories, you will simply give the cuisine an exceptional charm.

Kitchen Planning and Triangle Rule      

The layout of kitchen furniture and appliances depends on the area of the kitchen. If you disassembled the old furniture and technique, you do not necessarily need to install new ones according to the same scheme, though, if space is small, it may be that you have to choose an old but optimal and verified version.

In any form of kitchen, the main household appliances and plumbing – stove, refrigerator and sink should be trimmed so that the distance between each other is as short as possible. It is advisable to form a 1.5-2.4 m outer triangle with those equipment.

Ideal when the kitchen is spacious and its shape resembles the letter L – not only will more space remain for movement, but also will be enough space for all furniture, or perhaps also for the kitchen’s “island”. It is expedient to install the sink and the refrigerator along the same wall and the stove to the adjoining room.

In the case of a square room, furniture and appliances better is to arrange in the L letter shape. A home technique organizing along the wall, there will be enough space for the table in the kitchen area. Choose furniture in light colors to increase optically the space and try to save space of the floor.
  • Install household appliances using water – a dishwasher or washing machine – so that you do not have to install water too far away from the inlet.
  • If possible, plan the sink along the window to have natural light.
  • The kitchen should be well ventilated and do not keep smells. So, be sure to plan a vapor collector: it can be mounted on a wall or mounted in a cabinet. The latter option becomes neutral in terms of design, does not take up much space, and it is convenient because the rest of the cabinet can be used for spices or small item.

Furniture on the legs – practical or not?

Kitchen furniture on the legs visually increases the room, but this is not a practical solution. Due to the depth of the cabin, very rarely is reached the edge of the floor under the cabinets, there is accumulation of dust. A much more practical option is the cabinets without legs and the baseboards between the cabinets and the wall. Then the dust and crumbs do not accumulate in that area, it’s much easier to clean the floor.

“Island” in the kitchen

In a kitchen with lots of open space, it is suitable to install an island – a desktop that can be used as a bar, a cabinet or a cooker in it, so that you can freely interact with the household when you are preparing food. When choosing an island, look for such that has installed cabinets or drawers on all sides. In a smaller kitchen, it is better to use a round-shaped island that saves space.

Small and narrow kitchen

If you have a small and narrow kitchen, do not worry although it seems that there is enough space only for the main household appliances along the walls. With your own imagination creative solutions can be found. For example, put all the necessary equipment along one wall, and make the folding table from the wall or cabinet, installing a desktop under the  windowsill, choosing darker colored lower cabinets, and the upper ones lighter or, conversely.

If the small and narrow kitchen zone moves into the living space, cabinets and equipment can be laid along the walls from floor to ceiling, using the height of the room, and leave space around the table. The atmosphere of the kitchen is enlivened by light tiles, light inserts of tiles.


If the kitchen is large, there will definitely be enough space for cabinets both stationary and suspended, but in small spaces it is necessary to look for ingenious solutions. You can make a corner cabinet to the ceiling with special equipment, which will surely fit all utensils and pots. If there’s really a lack of space, just overlook the rule that cabinets from floor to ceiling reduce space – it is optically increased by light tone furniture, horizontal drawer lines and not overloaded table.

The lighter and easier are kitchen cabinets the bigger will look kitchen. Combine the shapes, proportions, colors of suspended and other furniture so that coziness and unrestrained atmosphere would prevail. This will save the kitchen from the typical appearance, making it more similar to the living room. The same rule applies to tables – lighter colors increase the space.

The dark colored walls give a mystery. Interesting non-standard forms of furniture in the kitchen create a free, less practical atmosphere.

Good lighting – a more comfortable environment

If there is a room where the lighting of the work place is particular importance, then it is a kitchen, so keep that in mind at the beginning of installation. Luminous rooms look bigger, and producing good lighting is just as essential. Install the LED strip or point lights above the table. Hang the luminary on the ceiling, divided into separate, flexible parts.

Do not forget that lighting is also a decorative accent: a hanging lamp will give the kitchen a sense of tranquility and cozily lit the table, while the bulbs that are installed on the glass surfaces will create an impression of space. If there is a lack of natural light in your kitchen, daylight can be easy simulated by LEDs in the. Also add spot lights and wall lamps.

Charming kitchen tables

A standard kitchen can inspire a new charm by choosing the right worktops. The wood is always fashionable, well-maintained will serve a long time. Natural wood worktops will provide luxury. The impressive worktops are of natural wood imitation, such as natural oaks or dark, exotic wood.

A large table to eat is a best way to invite members of your family to the kitchen. The small breakfast table is perfectly suited for smaller kitchens and is especially useful for a busy family of people, where no one has time for formalities such as dinner at the general table, especially on workdays.

Choice of flooring

Kitchen floors need to withstand heavy loads, so they should be resistant. Stone plates are a good choice, but if they are porous, they will have to be covered. Meanwhile, solid wood, although moisture can deform it, but coated by varnish becomes quite resistant. Some types of laminate are also not bad in the kitchen.

Some time ago, limestone kitchen floors were quite popular, mainly due to a smooth, refined surface. Like on a stone floor, objects that fall on limestone are easily broken, but the floors are extremely resistance, durable and attractive.

Kitchen-dining room             

Both the dining and the kitchen room in the same area in one are a huge advantage in selling an apartment. In this room life is booming day and night, it is also possible to cook and rest on the sofa.


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