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Rothschild Castle in France

I have always been intrigued by old castles and lighthouses since I was a kid. So, when I noticed this video, I decided to check it out. The outside looks like it has been abandoned because the pillars and structures resemble the ruins of Greece. But the inside of the castle looks like it is being maintained well, and they are probably using the building for something. I wonder if the Illuminati or Bilderberg have meetings there, or if they have rituals and orgies, like the movie, Eyes Wide Shut.

But a closer look at the building and the structures’ designs display all kinds of dark symbolism of Illuminati, satanic, and other weird stuff.


What do you think?


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  1. Very beautiful French countryside castle. It is too bad that a lot of the sculptures have been defaced either naturally or through a human hand because I personally find it hard to see the outline and the sculptures clearly. But some of them seem to evoke the devil, gargoyles and the like. They remain, despite their mystery very “pretty” indeed.


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