Illuminati’s Plans to Control the World

These three videos are interesting because I have been into researching them and analyzing them since I noticed them in movies that I didn’t understand. But after I did my own research, I watched certain movie again, and I understood what the stupid Zionists were doing. Now, if you go on YouTube, as well as many other Social Network sites, you will notice many other people exposing the truth and analyzing masonic symbolism strategically placed through society, mostly at certain monuments and landmarks.

It is also a good idea to further analyze these monuments and landmarks because they probably have a very dark history, filled with freemasonry, Zionism, Jesuits, and other satanic forces.

#1 Illuminati and their Plans

This video is interesting about the Illuminati section in Washington DC. I grew up in that area, but I just remember that regular monuments. I didn’t look for masonic symbolism during the seventies. But this video lists all the masonic and Zionism symbolism at a particular Illuminati Temple, in which I don’t think I have seen or noticed during the seventies. But it is true that there are a lot of Egyptian statues at Illuminati places because they had many Egyptian statues at Whitney Houston’s funeral, which was proof that she was Illuminati sacrificed. Her coffin was gold.

Moreover, the “Let there be light” quote is also at many universities. I remember when I was a college student at UC Irvine, I always ran into that quote somewhere on campus. I thought it was a symbol for knowledge. But I now think it has to do with freemasonry and Zionism because I later found out that Zionist Israel control the UC system and their universities.

#2 Former member of the Illuminati: The Whole Truth

I believe this information is true because I have seen many videos about such information since the early 2000s, including underground bunker videos under the Walmart stores. When the Zionists destroy the early for their depopulation agenda, they will all be underground in safety while other people—the 99% will perish and die.

Yeah, and I have been saying for a long time that Hurricane Katrina was manmade by the Illuminati to kill off and depopulate a large amount of poor black people.

Drug Cartels in Mexico are under Buffet’s power…in which I had guessed that the Illuminati control these drug cartels, similar to Mexico’s version of CIA thugs.

I have even read about the new robots they are building for future wars back in early 2000s, in which such robots will be the new soldiers programmed to follow orders and kill others better than human soldiers.


What do you think?